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 Lake County Emergency Telephone System Board

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lake County Emergency Telephone System Board is to provide the most efficient method for the citizens and visitors of Lake County to access emergency services, whether it be by wire line or wireless 9-1-1; to provide the best technology, equipment, and information resources to each emergency service provider thus enhancing their ability to provide essential public safety services; and to do so in a fiscally responsible, cost-effective manner.

Vision Statement

     The vision of the Lake County Emergency Telephone System Board is to provide the residents and first responders of Lake County with the highest quality of 9-1-1 telephone answering and emergency response dispatch services through a consolidated dispatch authority and public safety answering point/dispatch centers. 

Guiding Principles: The Lake County Emergency Telephone System Board supports planning for enhanced public safety dispatch services for areas within its jurisdiction, and for all residents and first responders of Lake County by providing leadership through: 

Facilitating the consolidation of ETSBs and PSAPs.

Promoting consolidated systems and services.

Embracing the creation of Joint ETSB’s

Promoting collaborative technologies and dispatch strategies among Lake County PSAPs to provide for  the efficient and timely processing of 9-1-1 emergency telephone calls.

Reducing the transfer of 9-1-1 callers.

Insuring interoperability of information and communications systems.

Meeting national 9-1-1 and public safety telecommunications standards.

Support state and national legislation which is consistent in accomplishing our overall mission and goals.

ETSB Staff
Steven Winnecke, ENP, RPL
Executive Director

Marissa Nowakowski
Database Analyst

Andrew Morrison
IT Technical Specialist

Tomas Urban
IT Systems Engineer