Board Members

Dave Dato – Wauconda Fire Protection District – Chairman

Daniel Venturi – Lake County Citizen – Vice Chairman

Jeff Steingart – Lake County Fire Chiefs Assoc. – Secretary

Lora Nordstrom – CIO of Lake County IT
Steve Husak  – Chief, Lake Zurich Police Department
Steve Huffman – Chief, Antioch Police Department
Scott Kurek – Lake County Sheriff’s Office
Michael Botterman – Deputy Chief, Wauconda Police Department
James Lang – Lake County Citizen
Amy McEwan – Lake County Administrator’s Office
John Malcolm – Chief, Lake Zurich Fire Protection District
Michael Dacey  – Director of Lake County EMA
David Hare – Lake County Sheriff’s Office
Jon Cokefair – Chief,  Antioch Fire Protection District
Kevin Klahs – Lake County Police Chiefs Assoc.
Paul Maplethorpe – Lake County Fire Districts
Kent McKenzie – Director of Communications, Lake County Sheriff’s Office

*Non-Voting Members
Legal Counsel – Matt Fronk – Lake County States Attorney Office
Treasurer – David Stolman – Lake County Treasurer